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Outpatient Care Unit

It provides addiction recovery services to adult users of legal addictions such as alcohol, gambling and internet/gaming. No supporting documents are required.

Address: Sbokou 6 / Telephone: 2810319505 / Email: [email protected]

Teen & Adolescent Counselling Unit

In Heraklion there is a specialized Teen & Adolescent Counseling Unit that provides supportive services for teenagers, with legal or illegal substance abuse issues or internet addiction issues, until the age of 21 and their families. No supporting documents are required.

Address: Minoos & Michail Archangelou / Tel: 2810331034 / Email: [email protected]

Heraklion Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers informative and counseling services as long as it prepares for the integration into the Therapeutic Community, located at Heraklion or into the Outpatient Care Unit, which offers a more flexible form of treatment for people who remain significantly functional. No supporting documents are required and no waiting lists. There is a ‘telephone first’ approach.

Address: Sbokou 6 / Telephone: 2810261026 / Email: [email protected]

Psychiatric Comorbidity Unit

As an outpatient care Unit for people with Psychiatric Comorbidity, it aims to provide integrated care adjusted to this group of people special needs which derive from the coexistence of addiction and mental illness. The operation of the Unit is based on the holistic model of treatment for people with psychiatric comorbidity, i.e. providing services for both addiction and mental disorder, integrated into a single therapeutic framework.

Address: Sbokou 6 / Telephone: 2810322708 / Email: p[email protected]