A&M Kalokairinos Foundation

Contact Information

Address: Corner Μonis Agkarathou 9 & Kosma Zotou, Heraklion Crete

Telephone: 2810244115 & 2810244186

Email: [email protected]



Social Grocery Store: The institution offers packaged foods, personal hygiene products, household equipment and materials to cover educational and recreational needs. Goods are offered to the beneficiaries at no charge, based on income and social criteria.

Food Aid Program “Food with our Love”: The institution cooks and serves -from the main establishment at Monis Agarathou str. and from the premises next to the nursing home of the foundation-, full meals to our fellow citizens in need, based on the beneficiary’s income and social criteria.

Clothing Aid Program: The beneficiaries are those already registered to the projects of the foundation mentioned before, with the provision that each beneficiary to collect clothing and footwear for up to 4 times a year subject to availability.

Social Space: Amongst its goals is to raise awareness to the society, as long as to cultivate a social culture and support the reintegration of vulnerable groups of population into local community in order to create opportunities for the rapprochement of people giving and receiving support. This is done through seminars, exhibitions and mediation to facilitate bureaucracy issues, concerning: beneficiary’s documents, advocacy, counseling and education.