EKPEDEFTIKI – ANAPTIXIAKI PLOIGOS (National Program ESTIA 2021 – Educational and Development Services)

Contact Information

Address: Leoforos 62 Martiron 146, Heraklion Crete

Telephone: 2810792119

Email: [email protected]



The program ESTIA 2021 is a housing program for International Protection applicants. Its purpose is to ensure a sufficient level of living for the applicants.

The services provided by the program concern the support, counseling and providing the necessary information about the applicants’ rights and obligations and about procedures that will need to do, such as enrolling in educational institutions, registering for health and tax services, opening a bank account, getting social security, registering in social protection organizations or job centers. Also, services for psychological support are offered depending on each individual case with interpretation in a language the applicant understands.