Social Solidarity Network of Heraklion

Contact Information

Address: University of Crete building M, Leoforos Knossou

Telephone: 2813008525

Email: [email protected]



The Association “Social Solidarity Network of Heraklion” was established in April 2012 with a purpose of assisting fellow citizens who are especially affected by the current ethical and economical crisis through actions of solidarity. The association members believe in the protection of human dignity and the preservation of social cohesion via interventions of exemplary ethics, solidarity and politics with a vision of an Equal-Rights Society where constitutional rights in education, health and employment are not violated.

A Social Medical Office and a Pharmacy of Solidarity were set up by people who believe that healthcare and employment are social rights and wish to defend and support those who are denied access to these fundamental rights. The purpose of the Social Medical Office and Pharmacy of Solidarity is to provide primary healthcare and free pharmaceutical coverage to those whose access to public health services is not sufficient enough to cover the cost of their medical needs.