Thalassa of Solidarity

Contact Information

Address: 1770 str., Νο34, Heraklion Center, Crete

Telephone: 2810226434

Email: [email protected]



Thalassa of Solidarity is a voluntary group aiming to develop actions with the purpose of informing, advocating and educating for the creative integration and empowerment of refugees and migrants in the Greek social and labour reality as well as of locals who experience social exclusion; for the development and fostering of relationships that contribute to a society of solidarity, mutual education, creative coexistence and meaningful integration with respect to rights and diversity. Thalass Of Solidarity provides free courses based on solidarity actions without any discrimination on the basis of religion, origin, nationality, administrative status, gender and sexual identification, and age. Among its actions are the following:

  • Seminars on basic sewing principles
  • Greek Language Courses for migrants and refugees
  • English Language Courses
  • Seminars on basic principles of computer learning
  • Material support for vulnerable families
  • Advocacy
  • Linking beneficiaries of the workshop with institutions and civil society