Greek Council for Refugees

Contact Information

Адреса: Σολωμού 25, Αθήνα

Телефон: +306907107688

Електронна пошта: [email protected]



GCR provides free legal assistance to those in need of international protection or belonging to particularly vulnerable groups (unaccompanied minors, victims of torture or other forms of violence, victims of trafficking, etc.). Apart from other legal actions, GCR’s lawyers support beneficiaries at all stages of the asylum procedure, both in the first and second instance, following an examination of the conditions for the recognition of refugee status. Hence, they represent beneficiaries in all legal proceedings before the Greek and International Courts in support of their rights. Indicatively, GCR undertakes objections against detention, applications for annulment and suspension before the competent courts, appeals and applications for interim measures before the European Court of Human Rights on violations of the European Convention on Human Rights, support for criminal and civil cases directly linked to their status as refugees or their vulnerability, etc.

Tel/ WhatsApp: For Greek and English speakers in Crete +30 6907107688

Helpline: Languages: English, Farsi, Dari, Pashtu, Arabic, French, Lingala, Sorani, Urdu, Turkish, Somali